About The Sacred Water Tribe

Who We Are: 

The Sacred Water Tribe is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving water consciousness around the globe. Through monthly water blessings we support our communities to collectively offer pure Love & Gratitude to honor water as sacred. This organization was founded on the request from the late Dr. Masaru Emoto to share his teachings after training with him in Japan. In his honor we share his research regarding water memory, the power of collective consciousness and its connection with water and all life on this planet.

This organization is run 100% by volunteers and no one receives a salary.

Current Activities:

-Monthly community water blessing ceremonies open to the public. Learn more on our events page here: Events

Future Goals:

-Build a cultural center in South Florida to spread awareness about water consciousness and indigenous teachings. (Update: Thanks to your generous support, this is now in progress in Fellsmere, FL! 🎉🌱🌊🙏)

  • water vessel on the water altar at the monthly Sacred Water Tribe Water Ceremony led by Kristin Bauer


    We come together as a community to bless our waters through a Water Ceremony led by our founder, Kristin Bauer. Learn indigenous wisdom, play and share music.

    Check out our Events page for more details 
  • Kristin Bauer leads our the monthly Water Ceremony as part of the Sacred Water Tribe mission


    Water Ceremony is on the first Saturday of every month from 9-11 AM, rain or shine. (Arrive 30 minutes early if you would like to help set up the water altar.)

  • Where

    We hold Water Ceremony at DuBois Park in Jupiter, FL. We meet in the mangrove trees at the end of the inlet beach (see image).

    Address: DuBois Park 19075 Dubois Rd, Jupiter, FL 33477